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We offer comprehensive support

for people of all ages.



From the time we learn to walk, a young body is subject to the bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, falls and crashes of school, sports and everyday life.

While the young tend to bounce back faster than the not-so-young, untreated injury can create changes that linger long after the pain is gone. Studies have, for example, discovered the youngest group of patients with low back disc decay are 11-15 year olds.

At The Houston back & Neck Clinic, we have years of experienced working with young people to gently undo injuries and eliminate them as a source of future problems.

This group typically requires the least amount of treatment.



In adults, past injuries combine with stress and sedentary career life to set the stage for injury and chronic spine problems.

Adults benefit from care aimed at eliminating or controlling new and old injuries as well as learning easy self-maintenance skills designed to reduce future problems.

Care at this age can significantly increase productivity, slow aging from accumulating injuries, extend careers and provide for a far more comfortable retirement.



Our older patients often suffer from decades of injury and strain that causes stiffness, weakness and chronic pain.

To try to reverse some of this, we gently coax stiff joints back into more youthful motion, soften and lengthen hurt tissues and show safe exercises for weakened muscles. As function improves, pain diminishes even faster.

Surprisingly, our older patients mirror our younger ones and often respond quickly with even small changes bringing enormous relief.

Also, we have, and always will take your Medicare.